Stop Emotional Abuse


I'm female, 27 years old and have experienced emotional and physical abuse and neglect during childhood.
English is not my first language. I apologize for any grammar/syntax errors ;)

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Manipulating guilt feelings, part 2

- generally giving the child the blame for all problems that the parents have, including drug addiction, alcohol addiction (‘You are such a difficult child, that’s why I began to drink.’, etc.),…
- give the child the responsibility for the feelings of parents (’You don’t behave well - you don’t want me to be happy…’)
- exaggerating the consequences of the behaviour of the child (‘If mum gets sick, it will be your fault.’, ‘You’ll be the cause of my death.’,…)
- in situations where the abuse is seen by outsiders, forcing the child to lie and take the blame (typical example involving physical abuse: letting the child say that the bruises are because they did fall down the stairs, although in reality they were beaten)
- if the child experiences physical or sexual violence, blame the child either directly (’No wonder when you dress like a slut!’) or indirectly due to lack of sexual education and opportunities to discuss the topic in order to explain to the child that it’s not its fault
- make/buy/say stuff of which the child has expressly stated that they didn’t want, and then require deep gratitude and manipulating the child into feelings of guilt