Stop Emotional Abuse


I'm female, 27 years old and have experienced emotional and physical abuse and neglect during childhood.
English is not my first language. I apologize for any grammar/syntax errors ;)

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  1. Set limits BEFORE you get angry. 
  2. Make and post a list of acceptable ways to handle anger. 
  3. Take Five. 
  4. Listen to your anger, rather than acting on it. 
  5. Remember that “expressing” your anger to another person can reinforce and escalate it. 
  6. WAIT before disciplining. 
  7. Avoid physical force, no matter what. 
  8. Avoid threats. 
  9. Monitor your tone and word choice. 
  10. Consider that you’re part of the problem. 
  11. Still angry? Look for the underlying feelings. 
  12. Choose your battles. 
  13. Keep looking for effective ways to discipline that encourage better behavior.
  14. If you frequently struggle with anger, seek counseling.

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